Hey! Thanks for checking out my work.
My name’s Duncan, and this is my photographic and cinematic portfolio.
I’m a South African photographer, having spent a lot of my time in Asia.  
My photographic work has followed my interests and passions; namely shooting travel, nature, special places and the people within them.

My grandfather was always shooting, whether it was for journalistic purpose, paparazzi, aerial shooting for the RAF or just documenting his family, and this influenced me without me even realizing it!
As I kid I’d always experimented with point and shoot cameras, snapping silly things and getting shots of my friends before the selfie was even invented, and a DSLR was out of reach due to it’s heavy price tag. Anyway, age 21 eventually came around and I was gifted my first (more pro) Nikon D5100 camera.

This was the real beginning for me. I was now able to control light and focus (hey Avengers, can I join your crew?). I’ve since shot parties, events, music festivals, interiors, products, food, drinks, travel and portraiture (blinding my friends and family more than they’d have liked while I practiced).

Having studied English Literature at Honours level, I’ve learnt a lot about storytelling through reading, viewing, watching, writing and analyzing; so I thought “hey, why not give it a shot (or a thousand!) through the medium of film and photography”, and so… here I am!

I’ve conceptualized shoots from beginning ideas to end products, and have been fortunate enough to have worked for clients like Samsung, Standard Bank and 86 Public to name a few.

Here is what former collaborators, colleagues and employers say about me.

"I'm very pleased with the fantastic work that Duncan did for us. He understood what we were looking for and had some great ideas of his own; his relaxed attitude made everyone feel comfortable during the shoot; and his eye for detail and strong work ethic mean that his work is always of the highest standard. I'd definitely work with Duncan again and I strongly recommend him to others."
David Buist 

"Duncan has been my first choice for assignments since I met him in 2013. He’s reliable, professional, pursues excellence and his skill set expands so rapidly that being around him has saved me hours of YouTube tutorials, listening to people in Pakistan talk about software / tech / camera angles / edit techniques / hardware / life hacks.  He is also extremely entertaining. Major plus!"
Dominique Little

"Duncan's good friends (I count myself among them) describe him as the heart of the company. He's always chilled, fun-loving and positive. From a work perspective, employers and fellow collaborators (also me here) describe him as talented, hard-working with resilience and an under-promise, over-deliver attitude."
Isaac Daly 

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